How FLS Can Help

Parents, professionals, educators, and caregivers agree that functional living skills are critical to all learners of all ages.  Individuals with ASD face challenges in how to acquire these skills successfully and we face the challenge of effectively developing teaching programs to help them.

We believe any individual can and will succeed through proper assessment, teaching, and training.  Every individual deserves the opportunity to live as independently, happily, and successfully as possible.  Through our knowledge and use of the Science of Behavior Analysis the products and services we have developed will make this a reality for both the individual and the stakeholders involved.

The Assessment of Functional Living Skills (AFLS) is an ASD test that provides the roadmap for empowering all who serve individuals with Autism to embrace successful teaching of skills in the areas of Basic, Home, School, Community, Vocational, and Independent Living.  Through every stage of development the AFLS provides its users the pathway necessary to create customized programs and curriculum. In addition, the AFLS through its unique scaffolding of skill subsets gives its users a guide from simple to intermediate to advanced levels providing the perfect complement to enhance person-centered and transition planning.

Functional skills and independence can be achieved for individuals with ASD – test the AFLS with your learners and discover how this system can assist them on their pathway to independence!